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These is a comprehensive self-regulation system by which Pacific Control customers can promote  trust  in their website or products, certifying the businesses that comply with those described in each Seal. [/ vc_column_text] [ / vc_column] [/ vc_row]

Agroindustry Agro-industrial certification is agricultural production: it manages every step of the supply chain from farm to table and everything in between, based on international standards.
Environmental Environmental certification is the prior instrument that every investment project must prepare before being executed, anticipating the significant negative environmental impacts that it could generate.
Bio Safety The Bio Safety certification is for products and establishments that comply with the new normality given by the government to guarantee the safety of their workers and customers, and also know how to communicate it.
Octagon Free The octagon-free certification is for products that are not high in sugar, sodium, saturated fat or trans fat, according to the Manual of Advertising Warnings of the Healthy Eating Act
Kosher The KOSHER certificate guarantees that a product complies with the standards of the Jewish religion, it is also applicable to catering establishments.

which determines the foods that we can eat or not and how these foods can be prepared and ingested to be considered fit for consumption.

Good Manufacturing Practices (PBM) GMPs are procedures that are applied in food processing and their usefulness lies in the fact that they allow us to properly design the plant and facilities, effectively carry out the processes and operations of food preparation, storage, transportation and distribution.

The benefits of working with BPM are: Eliminate duplicate tasks and automate them. Increase efficiency: minimizing errors in processes, reducing waiting time, reducing human interventions and avoiding redoing work. Ensure that business rules are followed.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points ( HACCP) The objective of the HACCP system is to identify hazards related to consumer safety that may occur in the food chain, establishing control processes to guarantee the safety of the product.

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